Say Hello to the Print Designer Bundle from Envato!

Do You LOVE Print Design? Say Hello to the Print Designer Bundle from Envato!

Do you love Print Design? Say hello to the Print Designer Bundle! The remarkable folks at Envato have done it again! For only $20, you’ll get more than $500 worth of some of the best print design vectors, flyers, textures, backgrounds, photographs our Marketplaces have to offer! Our math shows this print design deal is actually worth over $600.

Envato Print Designer Bundle October 2012

Envato Print Designer Bundle October 2012

For $20 The Print Design Bundle will power up your print design tool box, ready and waiting for your next design project. Don’t miss out!

The Print Design Bundle will run for 7 days only, from 12pm on the 16th of October until 12pm on the 23rd of October EDT.

Be quick and get your Print Design Bundle copy now!

Due to the discount nature of this bundle, Envato Marketplace files bought in the Print Designer Bundle will not be eligible for updates or support from their authors. This is an ‘as-is’ purchase.
Please be aware that some zips may take a little while to download

Design Product Mockups:

Food Box Mock Up Bundle

Food Box Mock Up Bundle

Print Design Templates:

Vintage Poster Graphic Bundle

Vintage Poster Graphic Bundle

Grunge Flyer or Poster

Radical Textures!

Awesome Vectors!

Vintage and Retro Design Elements Bundle

Vintage and Retro Design Elements Bundle

Vintage and Retro Design Element

Phenomenal Fonts!

Gardener Font Bundle

Gardener Font BGardener Font


Premium Designer WordPress Themes!

Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Slideshow Artsty Fartsy WordPress Tumblr Theme

Slideshow Artsty Fartsy WordPress Tumblr Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme Genius

Responsive WordPress Theme Genius

Stock Photography

Somalia Flag Photo Dune 2012

Somalia Flag Photo Dune 2012

Isolated Splashes Photoshop Files Bundle

Isolated Splashes Photoshop Files Bundle

Young Man Freedom Stock Photo Deal

Young Man Freedom Stock Photo Deal

Print Design Bundle Supplemental article for you. (a bit of print knowledge for everyone).

Graphic Design Opportunities:

Who designed the internet’s multi faces?

It was most likely done by a graphic designer.

Graphic designers, or graphic artists, create visual graphics that are intended to communicate a message to audiences. Designers create graphics for websites and games as well as film media. Graphic designers also use illustrations and photography to create layouts for print media. Marketing companies often call on graphic designers to help create promotional displays and brochures for products. Graphic artists can be trained at schools with graphic design programs and degrees can also be earned online. As with many fields, designers cannot complete their work without the proper tools. Below is a list of what is necessary for a designer to be successful with some graphic design blogs for reference

Graphic Design Computers:

Most of today’s graphics are computer-based so this component is absolutely critical in graphic design. The computer is not only essential for designing graphics but it is also necessary for business purposes and is needed for email and communication. Computers are used to create illustrations, write copy for websites and publications, editing photos and designing layouts. Deciding which computer to purchase can be challenging but Apple’s “Mac” is preferred by many designers because of their graphic capabilities.

Print Design Software:

Your computer can’t design anything until it is told to, and this is where the software comes in. Software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator help create and edit photos and images. Designers who specialize in website creation may use editors such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage to create sophisticated web pages with rich color and content. Time management and project tracking software is also essential for the business end of design.

Graphic Designer Books:

Graphic designers are constantly learning and refining their craft. It is helpful for designers to build their own library of graphic design books. These publications can be used for technical assistance, business tips, or for inspiration when needed. You may also consider attending a graphic design school for specialized training.


One of the most important resources that a graphic designer can have is other peers in the field. Professionals can critique the work of others while receiving information and tips on their own projects. Complex assignments may require collaborating with other designers, and having someone to brainstorm with can create the best ideas.

Check out these web desgn blogs for some creative inspiration!

99designs blog

If It’s Hip It’s Here blog

Sneek Digital




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To get your hands on this Incredibel print design deal online, go here: Envato Print Designer Bundle

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