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Video Mash Facemash for WordPress

Video Facemash For WordPress version three released by mikemayhem3030 on Code Canyon! Sweeter than Hot or Not???

Video Mash Face Mash

Video Mash Face Mash

Check this out!

The third release from the Facemash for WordPress concept is applying the Facemash concept to videos.
This plugin allows you to add videos from either youtube.com or vimeo.com and find out which video is the favourite video voted by your website visitors.

The plugin has all the features of the Sound Mash plugin. It is a feature packed plugin release that gives your website visitors yet another are of your website to browse around.
What is Facemash?

Videomash Facemash For WordPress

Videomash Facemash For WordPress

Facemash is a website that was created by Mark Zuckerberg prior to his development of facebook.com. This plugin takes the same concept and applies it to videos embedded from youtube or vimeo. This plugin is one of three available from CodeCanyon.

Pics Mash – the original idea of comparing two photos to see which is best
Sound Mash – the facemash idea applied to soundcloud music files
Video Mash – the facemash idea applied to youtube and vimeo videos
You can read more detail about what Facemash is on the Pics Mash website here.
Why should I buy these plugins?

These plugins are all developed around a core engine of programming which allows you to discover how your websites media is perceived by your visitors. You can find out which image, which music track or which video your website users really prefer.

The benefits of these plugins are:
*Easy to use – They only take a minute to setup and you can be rating your chosen media
*Consistency – The plugins are developed around the same “core” or “engine” you know what you’re going to get.
*Top quality support and future development – from new and budding CodeCanyon author.
*They keep your website visitors around longer
*If you couple them with adverts on the rating page – you can increase your CPM 10x!!
*Increases your website content easily and gives more areas to look around.

Plugin features (v1.0)

The plugin is ram packed with top quality features. If you’ve purchased either Pics Mash, or Sound Mash, you’ll be familiar with these, but here’s the list anyway:

*Easily embed Youtube or Vimeo videos into your website and include them in a Video Mash – you just need the video URL!
*Custom page template, custom post types and custom taxonomies keep the Mash separate from your normal blogging
*Easy shortcodes to display videos by author or by category
*Full social sharing integration, facebook comments, facebook like – leverage social media
*Adds fun – people come back to your site more if they enjoy the experience.

This may be the coolest plugin captivator of the holiday season! So,,, cooler than hot or not??

Check out more here: Video Mash Facemash for WordPress