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Installing the Facebook Fan Box Cache Plugin in WordPress

www.newbizblogger.com Learn how to install & configure the Facebook fan box cache plugin for WordPress & increase your site speed.

In this screencast from Social Media University, Global, learn how to add social sharing buttons to the bottom of each of your WordPress.com posts.
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How To Install *Facebook Comments Plugin For WordPress* On Your Blog in 3 Steps

bit.ly In this short tutorial I will show you how to install the facebook comments plugin on your wordpress blog. bit.ly The Facebook Comments Plugin For WordPress is an awesome feature you can add to your wordpress blog that will give your blog a more social feel and look. The Facebook Comments Plugin For WordPress will allows you to increase your traffic from facebook, minimize spam, and make your blog more interactive which helps with your page rank. This plugin is for any one who is serious about building their blog and generating more leads through the major social media networks. I will walk you through in 3 steps how to install the facebook comments plugin on to your wordpress blog. It is so simple to do! For more tips on Facebook and social media marketing. Visit: thegoldmedalmarketer.com

WordPress Facebook Timeline Plugin

fbtimelinecovermaker.com – Our WordPress Facebook Timeline Page plugin allows you to build unlimited timeline pages. Facebook now allows you to have wider pages, take advantage of it with our WordPress plugin.

The blog: thecreatureproject.wordpress.com Facebook: www.facebook.com The trailer of our game, “The Creature”! With lyrics: Here it is, is the creature Is a ball with arms, legs, horns And a pair of cutie eyes Don’t you want to hug it squeeze it Now let’s see what it can do Surely it will be unbeliavable It can run, it can jump ’til here is so typical BECOME A BALL And you’ll roll over the floor UNSEATHE YOUR HORNS You’ll be able to break through walls WITH YOUR GREAT MOUTH You can eat a lot of stuff WHICH WILL GIVE YA Awesome powers for a while, But wait until you see… the TONGUE, the awesome awesome tongue Shoot it everywhere, everywhere you can On ceilings platforms boxes, Tongue, this is just another Of the amazing actions The creature can do, ADORABLE. You can walk and you can climb All your way through a slimy wall Eat a mushroom! See what happens! I bet it will be so SHOCKING! You can think it may be all But you’ve seen just the iceberg top There are lots of different stuff Waiting for you to interact. SWITCH, DOORS CRYSTALS! Levers, platforms, elevators WINGER, BUZZER! Creeper, sniper and stomper MUSHROOMS AND ROCKS A magic awesome cave to explore AND SECRET CAGES! With funny little creatures in and in the end there may be CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (Creature, creature, creature, creature…)
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FB X-Tab Facebook WordPress Plugin For Fanpage FB-X-Tab Review And Bonus.wmv

jeykumara.com How To Create Facebook Local Business Page. Much anticipated facebook fanpage creating WordPress Plugin. Read FB X Tab also known as FB X-Tab Review jeykumara.com Also FB X-Tab, FB-X-Tab Bonus at jeykumara.com FB-X-Tab WordPress Plugin can be used for facebook local business page, best wordpress facebook plugin 2011, create facebook pages for local business software, best facebook plugin, best facebook plugin for wordpress and change fbml to iFrame. It’s launcing tomorrow Wednesday 15/06/2011 jeykumara.com
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Thesis Tutorial: Add Facebook Comments Social Plugin to your WordPress Thesis Blog!

This is a WordPress Thesis Theme Tutorial. You must be using the WordPress Thesis Theme to follow along with this video. This video shows you how to add the Add Facebook Comments Social Plugin to your WordPress Thesis Blog (as seen on the Facebook Developers Apps page). Therefore, visitors will be able to comment on your blog post using Facebook Comments that also get shared back on their personal Facebook Wall!
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WordPress Tutorial: Create a Facebook App or Application to get App ID for WordPress 07FEB12

jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com This WordPress Video Tutorial Shows you how to Create a Facebook App or Facebook Application for WordPress when using Facebook Social plugins such as “comments” or “like”. These plugins my be found here at Facebook Developers page: developers.facebook.com

WordPress Exit Pop Up Plugin – works with: Facebook Like, Youtube Videos, Email Forms, Surveys

WordPress Plugin giving you the ability to Pop Up Facebook Like Tool, Youtube video, Audio file, custom CSS, email list form, or use our custom survey when an individual ENTERS or tries to EXIT. This can be specific to a wordpress page, post or even category. Also, the plug-in will only work on a user one time per visit – so it is not a nuisance! The exit pop up plugin is NOT a true pop up – which means that a user is still actually able to continue with navigation options, and the “pop up” cannot be blocked by any devices. It is totally Google Friendly and SEO Friendly
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