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Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress 2012

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress will get you more likes!

Envato Rock Star TylerQuinn, Tyler Colwell from ColwellMedia has DONE IT AGAIN!

Facebook Traffic Pop 2012
Facebook Traffic Pop 2012

Dangle amazing scoobie snacks and infuse a great fear of loss! This is the Facebook plugin for WordPress we’ve been waiting for! And, it flows within the WordPress Facebook themes you may be using. From his website, tyler introduces himself:

Hi i’m Tyler Colwell. I make awesome WordPress plugins and themes, develop web sites and apps, and create the occasional logo or two.

Tap into Facebook’s 500 million plus users now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook traffic pop (of the Social Traffic Pop family) is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money!

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress 2012 Discount Coupon. YES!!!

Traffic Pop Plugin Discount
Traffic Pop Plugin Discount

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress Features

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress
Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

Fully customizable CSS

Optional close button

LOCKS out page functionality behind the popup!

Cookies remember users who already ‘Liked’ the page

Works on all sites and big and small

Viral, Facebook styled pop-up is proven to induce more ‘Like’ clicks!
Make Facebook for WordPress your slave with one line of code!

jQuery style plugin with full documentation!

Includes full source with documentation and demo examples, and I have even included a blank template for you to build pages off with no set-up required!

New In Version 1.4: WordPress Facebook apps

The script has been completly re-written as a jQuery plugin, this allows you to take advantage of jQuery’s ‘options’ functionality and fixes a few bugs with namespace issues.

The bug in jQuery that was causing a bunch of people problems in Internet Explorer has been tracked down and the code has been modified to work properly!
Updated CSS to make the popup look the same across all browsers (and degrade nicer in IE and Firefox.)

Localization! – You can now run the script with the ‘lang’ option to auto set the plugin for the following language packs: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
“Just want to say, Great Little Script. I am running it on my arcade and see good results.” – jwebxpress

“I have been testing this on small site I have (2,000 uniques a day) and I have already accumulated over 1,000 fans to it’s Facebook Page. People are sharing the content and traffic is building at a steady rate after introducing Facebook Traffic Pop.”

Facebook Traffic Pop Version 2.0 from Tyler Colwell on Vimeo.

A demo video for the new 2.0 version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

This Facebook Social Pop for WordPress Plugin will change your conversion game immediately!

You can purchase this gem at a HUGE DISCOUNT by clicking here: Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress 2012

Social Traffic Pop

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Check out this amazing tool from Tyler Quin:

Social Traffic Pop

Social Traffic Pop

Social Traffic Pop is finally here! Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 3 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever! Social Traffic Pop builds on everything that made the original Facebook Traffic Pop such a hit and takes it to the next level.

Check out the demo video here: http://www.vimeo.com/25566967


Combined reach of over 1.4 BILLION social media accounts.
Completely locks all page usability until popup is closed or a social action is completed.
Optional close button.
Optional advanced close features allow visitors to close the popup by clicking outside of the popup area or by pressing the escape key.
Cookies remember which users have not completed a social action.
Like Button and Google +1 with dependent URL configurations.
Support for both of Twitters Follow and Tweet buttons.
Setup takes literally seconds!
100% customizable CSS.
Configure everything from the beautiful built in settings panel.
Set background opacity right from the settings.
Works on all sites big and small.
Proven to induce more social shares = more traffic & better rankings = more $$$$
Make Google, Facebook, and Twitter your slave and become a social media slayer over night!

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