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WordPress Facebook Timeline Plugin

fbtimelinecovermaker.com – Our WordPress Facebook Timeline Page plugin allows you to build unlimited timeline pages. Facebook now allows you to have wider pages, take advantage of it with our WordPress plugin.

The blog: thecreatureproject.wordpress.com Facebook: www.facebook.com The trailer of our game, “The Creature”! With lyrics: Here it is, is the creature Is a ball with arms, legs, horns And a pair of cutie eyes Don’t you want to hug it squeeze it Now let’s see what it can do Surely it will be unbeliavable It can run, it can jump ’til here is so typical BECOME A BALL And you’ll roll over the floor UNSEATHE YOUR HORNS You’ll be able to break through walls WITH YOUR GREAT MOUTH You can eat a lot of stuff WHICH WILL GIVE YA Awesome powers for a while, But wait until you see… the TONGUE, the awesome awesome tongue Shoot it everywhere, everywhere you can On ceilings platforms boxes, Tongue, this is just another Of the amazing actions The creature can do, ADORABLE. You can walk and you can climb All your way through a slimy wall Eat a mushroom! See what happens! I bet it will be so SHOCKING! You can think it may be all But you’ve seen just the iceberg top There are lots of different stuff Waiting for you to interact. SWITCH, DOORS CRYSTALS! Levers, platforms, elevators WINGER, BUZZER! Creeper, sniper and stomper MUSHROOMS AND ROCKS A magic awesome cave to explore AND SECRET CAGES! With funny little creatures in and in the end there may be CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (Creature, creature, creature, creature…)
Video Rating: 5 / 5