The Ultimate Facebook WordPress Plugin

An overview of the ultimate facebook plugin for WordPress. Integrate facebook connect for registration, comments, events, photos, and more right into your WordPress blog or site. Facebook groups is a really awesome way to stay in contact with people of the same interest as you. Groups are set up to share ideas and give information in real time. The WordPress Groups mentioned in this YouTube video are one of the most informative and knowledgeable groups on the Internet. These groups were created by 2 of the biggest WordPress Gurus on Facebook: Clifton Hatfield and Wayne Hatter. So if you are frustrated with WordPress and need some SEO tips, configuration of plugins, installing plugins, troubleshooting… Then these are the Facebook groups you want to be a part of. The groups are open to the general public and we encourage all of you to go and check them out and start changing the way you fight with WordPress. Because now you have an Army of WordPress professionals and SEO experts who will help you out If you are looking for help IMMEDIATELY, I encourage to download Wayne Hatter’s FREE WordPress Course.

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